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Health Insurance Learning Center

Finding cheap health insurance solutions requires a certain degree of knowledge within the domain of health insurance and this section of our site is just the place to get this information from. Here we compile helpful and informative articles that will give you a more profound look on the subject of health insurance as well as provide you with some practical tips on how to find cheap health insurance plans in your state. Besides, health insurance has its peculiarities in each and every state, and sometimes the situation can differ drastically when you cross the border. So if you want to learn more about the specifics of health insurance in different states such as Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Utah, Connecticut, Massachusetts, this information center will really be helpful.

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Knowing the ins and outs of health insurance is the key to effective shopping process, so why not spending a bit of your time to read the articles if they can help you a lot with cheap health insurance tips and solutions? It has never been that easy to find reliable information on the subject of health insurance, moreover we're doing our best to continuously expand and update this section with new articles and data on the latest developments in the field. So make sure to come back often for new tips, solutions and advice on cheap health insurance in your state!

  Cheap health insurance and the Supreme Court

Types of Health Insurance Quotes
Shopping for health insurance quotes is an important thing to do for the health of you and your family. Understanding what type of health insurance quotes are available to you can help you in your search.

Private Health Insurance Quotes
Not everyone has the option of employer-sponsored health insurance. In these cases private health insurance quotes might be the best option for adequate health coverage. There are different types available.

Health insurance and the presidential race
Health insurance quotes continue to rise and the presidential race has been talking about the issue. How should we pay for our health insurance?

Health insurance quotes rising fast
Health insurance quotes are rising fast and the evidence confirms this is because the cost of medical care is out of control. No more cheap health insurance unless costs are controlled.

Health Insurance For Freelancers
Health insurance is a problem for freelancers. To find cheap health insurance for an individual, you need to know how much coverage you need, what you need covered, and you need to shop around.

Health Insurance For Twenty-Somethings
Health insurance seems unimportant to many young adults. They are healthy, and think they're invincible. But, it can save them thousands in medical bills after an emergency, and can keep them healthier in daily life.

Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible?
Examples of how health insurance premiums and other healthcare related expenses are quite often tax deductible.

Health Insurance Options for the Self-Employed
A discussion of health insurance options for those who have decided to become self-employed or who are already working for themselves.

Saving on Health Insurance for Small Businesses
Offering health insurance for employees is one of the largest expenses for small businesses, but there are some ways to make it more affordable.

Health insurance and health screening
Group and individual health insurance plans often make provision for screening for cancers and other threatening diseases. Health insurance companies should do more to encourage preventive medicine

Cheap health insurance still available through Health Insurance Exchanges
Health insurance premiums will rise at about 5.7% per year with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Rate of change predicted to be slightly lower than past, because of introduction of Health Insurance Exchanges. .

Health insurance quotes stay the same for more cover for women
Health insurance quotes will stay the same as from the 1st August but the scope of the cover for women will increase. Health insurance will now deliver better value.

Health insurance and mandated Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
Cheap health insurance was one of the goals of EMR (Electronic Medical Records), but lack of one standardized system may make health costs rise. Private practice physicians will pass the added costs onto their patients.

Cheap health insurance and the Supreme Court
Will cheap health insurance still be possible if the Supreme Court strikes down the whole of Obamacare? Do you get your health insurance quotes now or wait for the decision?

Health insurance rebates on their way to you
Health insurance quotes may not have fallen but, depending on which insurer manages your plan, you could be entitled to a health insurance rebate.

Health insurance and a lot is at stake with the Supreme Court's decision
Health Insurance ia a large part of our economy. If the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare, the individual who has insurance will pay for those who do not.

Health insurance, vision care and diabetes
You should not ignore vision care. It can detect diabetes early and save money on your health insurance. Also check your health insurance quotes to ensure access to registered nurses is covered.

Health insurance and long-term care
Because of the rising costs of long-term care, many health insurance plans now exclude it. If you want this cover, it would be advisable to buy your health insurance policy now

Health insurance and new disclosure rules
New York courts have just approved new rules to force health insurance agents and brokers to disclose their commission. Choosing between health insurance quotes just got easier

Health insurance and the quality of healthcare
The quality and cost of care varies significantly and health insurance fails to even out these differences. Whether you get good value from your health insurance policy depends on where you live

Health insurance and threats to free speech
Many doctors and dentists are threatening legal action if their patients go online with complaints. Health insurance should be about easy access to care. If health insurance plans are frustrated by legal problems, insurers should step in

Health insurance: is it good for our health?
As the next round of health insurance quotes come in, ask whether we have the right type of insurance. Is our health insurance industry good for our health?

Cheap health insurance following the recession
The rise in health insurance quotes slows following the recession as more households struggle to find enough money to keep their health insurance cover in place

Health insurance quotes and Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney recently said he values being able to fire people who give bad service. This does not work well in the health insurance industry where health insurance quotes continue to rise

Health insurance: progress report on the Affordable Care Act
Cheap health insurance really is here thanks to the Affordable Care Act. A review of progress to date shows more people are finding health insurance quotes more affordable

Health insurance and the shortage of doctors
If we get cheap health insurance and more seek treatment, there are not enough doctors. Remember when you get your health insurance quotes, you may have to wait weeks to see a doctor

Cheap health insurance because of higher deductibles
The new trend in selling cheap health insurance is to offer cover with a high deductible. This gives younger people low health insurance quotes but high risks should they fall ill

Health insurance and wellness programs
Cheap health insurance can come from going through regular wellness programs and preventive tests. Health insurance can keep you and your bank account healthy

Health insurance quotes for children and young adults
More young adults are finding health insurance quotes affordable following the Affordable Care Act. At least this aspect of Obamacare is producing an improved health insurance market

Health insurance and Mitt Romney
As the GOP debates continue, the issue of cheap health insurance for all has started with the claimed need to repeal Obamacare. Except, what does the GOP propose as their health insurance alternative?

Health insurance and more plain English
Too often health insurance plans are written in obscure English which makes life difficult for the ordinary consumer. New laws will require health insurance companies to provide explanations we can all understand

Health insurance provision declines in Pennsylvania
More people have been denied health insurance cover in Pennsylvania because adult Basic has been terminated. When Obamacare is trying to enroll more people in health insurance plans, Pennsylvania is going the other way

Hurricane Highlights Important Health Insurance Differences
What does the increase in hurricane frequency and ferocity mean for policyholders? Find out if costs will go up and why you should choose health insurance providers more carefully.

Republican Health Insurance Records and Rhetoric
Presidential campaigns bring up a lot of talk, but how do the actions of the Republican candidates match their rhetoric? See what evidence there is for improvements to health insurance.

Health insurance quotes available while appeals are heard
The world of health insurance continues to turn while cases about Obamacare move on to appeal. No matter what happens in Atlanta, we still need health insurance

Cheap health insurance in Nebraska for pre-existing conditions
Nebraska is actively changing the health insurance market by forcing down the premium rates. Now people with pre-existing conditions can get cheap health insurance

Health insurance reform depends on IT
It would be more reassuring if health insurance reform depended on better treatment or more effective drugs but it seems better health insurance depends on IT

Health insurance companies shortchange us
Whether you buy full-price or cheap health insurance, you want the insurers to use most of the money they collect on our treatment. Health insurance is for our benefit not the benefit of investors

The benefits of individual health insurance
Individual health insurance has a set of benefits that makes it more attractive for the customer. Learn what advantages do individual plans provide that group health insurance plans just don't have.

Health insurance in small businesses
Health insurance in small businesses has recently become the object of an extensive study with regard to the healthcare reform. Learn the facts about health insurance plans in small businesses.

Health insurance and the family budget
Health insurance is a very important aspect for keeping your family's health covered but it comes at a price. Learn how to make the right decisions in order to get health insurance that won't drain your budget.

Group health insurance benefits explained
Health insurance under a group plan may provide you with a set of benefits you'll be happy about. See what benefits are typically delivered with group health insurance plans compared to individual plans.

Cheap health insurance is hard to find when you lose your job
Unemployment has risen sharply during the recession. How do people who lose their health insurance manage? Are there cheap health insurance quotes for the unemployed?

Health insurance quotes and policy navigators
Research shows the introduction of policy navigators improves access to health insurance. People understand and act on health insurance quotes with proper guidance

Child health insurance program is two years old
The Child Health Insurance Program (CHIRPA) is two years old. This has provided more cheap health insurance coverage to uninsured children across America

Health insurance quotes and dental care
When deciding on health insurance priorities, many people opt not to insure against dental care. At least get health insurance quotes including dental care

Individual health insurance for young adults
You are only young once but when should you buy individual health insurance? Is there ever any cheap health insurance for young adults?

Cheap health insurance for women in California
A new anti-discrimination law comes into force in California to offer cheap health insurance for women. No more differences when those health insurance quotes come in.

Get health insurance quotes, ignore sales people at your door
A surprising number of scams using the new health insurance law are appearing to take your cash. Stay safe and protect your interests. Buy your health insurance online.

Health insurance exchanges are already here
Massachusetts and Utah already have health insurance exchanges where affordable if not cheap health insurance is available

Health insurance purchasing alliances
Cheap health insurance is something that both individuals and businesses are looking for these days. Learn how to get better health insurance quotes with purchasing pools and alliances.

What Health Reform Means For Health Insurance
Many changes have come into play in the health care system of America. Read here to learn about health reform policies and how they will affect your health insurance.

How HSA's Cut Health Insurance Costs
Many Americans are looking for more affordable health insurance, and are finding that a health savings account (HSA) is a much more affordable option. Is an HSA right for you? Find out here.

How to Get Health Insurance
If you have been having a tough time getting health insurance, that doesn't mean you don't qualify. Read here to find out ways to get health insurance, even if you've already been told no!

How to Buy Health Insurance Online
If you are looking for health insurance, there are ways you can get your own medical coverage and still get cheap insurance quotes. Find out how to shop online for the best health insurance quotes!

Cheap health insurance helps you quit smoking
Get health insurance quotes for a policy covering counseling and treatment to help you quit smoking. Cheap health insurance should cover basic preventative treatments

Health insurance marketplaces coming to a state near you
As Obamacare rolls out, health insurance marketplaces are starting to appear. California is about to implement federal law. It should make cheap health insurance more available to all.

Healthcare for young adults
The decision whether to buy health insurance may be about to get easier. Washington is debating whether young adults should be mandated to buy into a health plan.

Ask how much medical care costs
The article warns people to shop around to find the best prices on medical costs. Having a health insurance policy is no longer enough on its own.

What's happening to COBRA?
The article explains why COBRA is beginning to fail the uninsured and laments the likely failure of politicians to continue the current subsidy for health insurance.

What is this antitrust status?
The article reflects on the extraordinary reluctance of the Senate to remove the health insurance industry's exemption from antitrust legislation.

ZIP codes and premiums
The article reports the most recent research out of Chicago showing the continuing abuse of ZIP codes in setting health insurance premiums. This is not something hat will change in the proposed legislation before Congress.

Your baby's weight and insurance
The article reports that a four-month old baby was refused health insurance coverage because he's too fat. It seems no-one is too young to be refused these days.

Health coverage solutions for early pensioners
Retiring early implies a whole set of insurance services and special procedures. Read more about insurance peculiarities for younger seniors and early retired persons.

Eating your path into the hospital and the almshouse
Overweight and obesity are serious health issues that take their burden on your insurance costs. Learn more about the link between insurance expenditures and excessive weight.

What's an HSA and how does it help?
The article explains why a Health Savings Account may be a cost-effective way of providing coverage against the costs of treatment.

Now the Obama Administration is proposing big changes
Health insurance online quotes. Best tips to get cheap health insurance. News from insurance industry.

What to buy when your budget's cut to the bone
The article offers advice on how to find affordable coverage on health when household budgets are cut to the bone.

Minnesota is breaking the mold
The article looks at the progress of SF 188, the Minnesota Health Act. In line with public opinion expressed in a recent poll, this would produce a single-payer state health insurance system.

Dad is not as bright as I thought!
Melanie's dad found out the hard way that some medical insurance policies stop insuring children when they leave high school and go to college. Don't be caught short. Always read the policy before sending your children off to college or university.

Baby boomers get to be seniors at last
Dave's putting back his plans for retirement until the financial markets recover a little but that hasn't stopped him for getting quotes for Medigap cover. He's too savvy not to keep his finger on the pulse of what's available. You should be the same.

Never be afraid to ask for help
Gordon and Mary were doing great until the housing bubble burst. Then their household income dropped and, had it not been for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, their son Doug might not have made it.

What to do when COBRA runs out?
Health insurance online quotes. Best tips to get cheap health insurance. News from insurance industry.

Out of work! Could it happen to you?
The answer to a hard question of what you would do if you lost your job and explains your rights under COBRA to continue your health insurance coverage under your ex-employers scheme. Online insurance quotes can help you solve your problems

Emergencies? What emergencies?
Health insurance online quotes. Best tips to get cheap health insurance. News from insurance industry.

Pay more, get less! Wha is going on?
Health insurance online quotes. Best tips to get cheap health insurance. News from insurance industry.

Raising your deductible brings huge savings - even more than you realize.
It is amazing how much can you save on health insurance! Learn how raising your deductible will cut your premium

Expert knows best
When dealing with health insurance you surely want to get an advice from a person that is competent in the domain. This section gives you an insight of health insurance from an expert.

Guest of the week
In this section real people are asking questions about health insurance and are met by an expert, which studies their situation and offers the best possible solution with some advice.

What you need to know
Speaking about health insurance there is a set of basics you have to take in consideration when deciding on a health insurance plan. This section explains these basics.

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